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About Us

Consortin Ventures is a connector and enabler for funding of startups of various stages.

  • We have a strong network of angels, funds and investors.
  • We are a venture trying to make a difference and change in the existing process.
  • We are here to make sure that a startup with potential gets its chance at the big dream.
  • We want to make the process simpler, effective and incisive.


We provide you an opportunity and chance to take your startup to the next level from Point A to Point B.

Simple and Intutive

Consortin Ventures follows a simple and intutive process that reduces the pain and increases the gain.

Expand Your Reach

Consortin Ventures helps you to expand your startup's reach to investors and vice versa.

Transform your Startup

Consortin Ventures help you to transform your startup by helping you to pitch and get investment.

Save Time

With our fast and effective process you are sure to save time which is crucial in your journey.


Consortin Ventures helps you in various ways to make your journey better.

  • We help you to get curated and relevant startups so that you can save time and effort.
  • We help you to get the relevant and interested investors without the hassle.
  • We help you in various other provisions necessary for the investment process.
  • We also help you increase your gain and reduce your pain.

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